Add-on Create topics like fanfiction


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I search an addon to xenforo that give to me funcionalities similar to fanfiction or Archive Own Forum.

The most important functionalities are:
  • User can add stories with chapters.
  • The reader can export to html, mobi, epub and pdf.
  • Readers can choose chapter in a combo.
  • Writers can add different chapters
  • User can vote and comment every chapter and story.
  • Users can vote and promote stories.
  • Can mark literary gender of the story.
  • Can mark age minimun to read the story (+18)
  • Count of words an time to read.
There is a solution for this?

Some examples of this are:

My version of xenforo is 1.5.7. Anyone can make that and give me a bullet?


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@malbersado I don't think there is any plugin available but if you are interested for custom development. We will be glad to assist you with it.