1. Newface

    Code edit.

    I want to be using the xf article preview option. My forum is for short stories. How can I change "view full article" to "view full story".
  2. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Story 1.0.1

    Introduction Facebook-like stories function right on your XenForo board. Features Can insert images, react & comment on stories Stories page Stories widget Users permission Installation Unzip Upload all contents in upload folder to public_html folder Go to AdminCP -> Add-ons -> Install Go to...
  3. malbersado

    Add-on Create topics like fanfiction

    I search an addon to xenforo that give to me funcionalities similar to fanfiction or Archive Own Forum. The most important functionalities are: User can add stories with chapters. The reader can export to html, mobi, epub and pdf. Readers can choose chapter in a combo. Writers can add...