XF 1.5 "Create new thread" - pre-requisite question to qualify?


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Hi all,

I'd like to qualify members who want to post on a certain forum, so they can be 'sorted.'

Is is possible to implement this (and if so how?):

- After they click on POST NEW THREAD, a screen would open to ask them to identify themselves as either a Developer or a Reseller, with an "either/or" check box?

- Depending on their answer, they would be redirected to the proper forum to post their NEW THREAD. This would ONLY apply for new threads on TWO particular forums. We're trying to streamline the number of posts relevant to those forums.

Any member could post a response, but not everyone could create a new thread.

And there are no user groups this would apply to, only regular members who are also posting affiliate links, that's why I'm asking.