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Create Categories, Forums and set Permissions

We want to create automatic a new category and create 3 new forums inside.
This should be no problem with the datawriters, but how can we set automatic the permission?

1. create the category with XenForo_DataWriter_Category
2. crate the forums with XenForo_DataWriter_Forum

but what then?


Well-known member
Use the permission model: XenForo_Model_Permission.

Setting node permissions for a usergroup:
	$permissions, 'node', $nodeId, $userGroupId, 0
Setting node permissions for a single user:
	$permissions, 'node', $nodeId, 0, $userId
The permissions array should be in this format:

	[permission_id_1] => [value]
	[permission_id_2] => [value]


	[permission_id_3] => [value]
	[permission_id_4] => [value]
where value is one of these strings:
  • 'unset'
  • 'content_allow'
  • 'reset'
  • 'deny'
  • '0' (integer permission: inherit)
  • '-1' (integer permission: unlimited)
  • Any other positive integer value, if it's an integer permission

  • XenForo_ControllerAdmin_Permission_Node::actionUserGroupSave()
  • XenForo_ControllerAdmin_Permission_Node::actionUserSave()