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Lack of interest create, bookmark and share collections of images


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I don't see any description on how it works in that article?

Can you be more specific - I'm not sure exactly what you are suggesting or how it would work?


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So your suggestion to the devs is to essentially "built a clone of this website" ??

How about putting some more thought into it - how would it integrate into XenForo? What are your use-cases for how users interact with it?
I do not think I need to explain "bookmarking" or "Image Collections" to the devs.
They surely understand of how this works and how to integrate it into XF.

Anyway, there is a similar suggestion here:



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I've thought about this line of inquiry as well many times, since this is often one of the most requested features on my gallery systems.

To a certain extent, the default XFMG actually offers something that more or less accomplishes the same thing: the "Watched Media" option, which aggregates the media items that a member wants to follow. It's a rather dry name; most people would warm up to it much more if it was called "bookmarks" or "favorites."

The concept of "bookmarks", however, can be taken much further and I think that was the point of the original poster. A bookmark or favorites add-on would enable members to create their own virtual albums of their most cherished photos, download the album, share the album, etc. As you can tell, there are quite a few functions that can be built into a full-fledged bookmarks system, and I think it would be best left to the marketplace.