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It would be nice to have a "Home" as Facebook style, but in XenForo. It is totally logical. Imagine that this already exists in these official forums of XenForo. How would it be?

A person when registering in the forums, would become a registered user. At that time you will have a "home" button. But by default the registered user as new, will only have news and activities about the forum staff (Administrators and Moderators). That is, you will receive information about published topics, messages made, blog articles created, uploaded images, uploaded files, state publication of forum staff members. You, through your user panel, can stop following a couple of the staff of the forum because they are not interested, or stop following all the staff of the forum, for example.

But this would be interesting, because as the new registered user is interacting with the community, he will be interested in some topics, some resources, blog articles or even other users of the forum. And the "Follow" button would come into play or "Add as friend". You, by adding a user as your friend (and he accepts your request), you will receive news and all the activities done by this user who is now your friend in this forum (published topics, published resources, state publications, uploaded images, Uploaded files, etc). In addition to being able to have "permission" to comment for example your photos or see your private resources for example.

The "Follow" button that already exists in XenForo would have more functionality with this, since we can follow a specific topic and receive alerts about it, or see it as front page news in our "Home".

Now clearly these developments in the "Home" can be commented, they can receive "likes" and have an important option that is "Share". When clicking the "Share" button, you have to leave 3 options:

• Share on XenForo
• Share on Facebook
• Share on Twitter
• And you can add more options or limit, it depends on the forum administrator.

Obviously sharing options on Facebook and Twitter are obvious. But "Share on XenForo" is the novelty of this suggestion. When you share a specific topic, a message from you or another user, blog article, resource (in the community), some state (from other users, or yours), images from other users or from yourself, files Other users or yours. This will come as a novelty in the "Home" of the users who are your "friends" in this community, and receive alerts to those users who "follow" you in this community. This can connect people, create an environment of collaboration and interaction. Make a user who is your "friend" know a fantastic topic of another user who does not know, but now yes, thanks to you.

Imagine the possibilities, that coupled with a Gamification System in XenForo would be the "bomb" in the entire forum software market. Many software forums such as vBulletin and IP.Board have tried to achieve this, but have not given the necessary study, nor have implemented accordingly.

I also recommend reading this publication and my messages about the importance of a gamification system: "https://xenforo.com/community/threa...-growth-of-the-community.121099/#post-1118904"

This suggestion is coupled in an excellent way with a well planned gamification system, maintaining a greater activity in the community and permanence in the site, but increasing the participation in the forums of natural way (without losing the essence). XenForo 6 years ago was innovative, but has lost ambition, I know that you have work to do and are super busy. Because they are developing more important things like security, stability, functioning, among other necessary and fundamental features in a forum. But I would like to take into account this, I would not mind waiting another year or even two years for XenForo 2, but come with the "Home" and "Sharing", plus a well-studied, flexible, very logical gamification system , With full control from the administration panel, because both are very powerful features.

XenForo 2 with having this in the kernel will undoubtedly create innovation in how to create forum communities (again). Take advantage of the suggestion, because otherwise, others will get ahead of you.

Greetings to all, Reinhard :D
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