XF 1.5 Create badges to be manually assigned?


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1- I'm exploring creating a badge to manually assign to a list of members who have donated a certain amount during our last fundraiser. A discreet little icon signifying they are now a Honorary Premium Member. How would I go about this?

2- Also in the near future we will be creating a Premium membership, which would create a new member's group. I'd like to create a unique badge for them as well, with an icon (or a different avatar box color, not sure yet) so it can be visible to others.

But the first question is what occupies me for now.

Thank you advance for any help!



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This looks good! But can I create my own custom qualifier, instead of "featured" or "verified?"
You can:
  • replace those badges with any other FA icon or even image (from its options)
  • you can change both badges' text to other things like "Donator" and "VIP" and ... (you can also change their text in tooltip) => they are all phrases. so you can change and translate