Lack of interest Create a custom "image" for captcha.


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I think an exciting, original, feature to have would be to allow us to add our own 'captcha' images, proprietory to our xenforo sites.

Lets say they're called 'captchoro'

And if we use that as the registration method to catch spam, it uses images we design and upload ourselves, along with the answers.

These would all be custom made for each forum by their respective admins.

Now the added benefit to providing a custom method of spam prevention would also be to generate some added $$$.

By this I mean to create custom 'captchoro' images like this.


Then you can sell these to your advertisers and also provide an added layer of spam protection.

What do you guys think?


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the answer wouldnt be contained within the image, it would be on a seperate line like how we enter the question/answer so it shouldnt be too hard to code.


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check out this captcha i encountered recently


not surprisingly, hes never had a comment to his blog.

i do dig the idea of the custom captcha.