Cpanel not recognizing my XF credentials to update add-ons


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I have tried to upgrade some add-ons that need upgrade inside my Cp admin and I know my Xenforo username and password are correct. Each time i click on upgrade and i am asked to enter user name and password, once i do that - I get the message below

"Login to has failed. Make sure you login with your XenForo username and password"

Could it be because my XF license has expired or Am i doing something wrong?
Please advise

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You're using a third party add-on to update your add-ons.

It sounds like it needs updating.

I think you're using Add-on Install & Upgrade:

An update was released last week.
Thanks Chris for replying. Yes, that is what I am using, but the XF admin after i logged in still giving me this error "Login to has failed. Make sure you login with your XenForo username and password". I know they're not wrong and that is the same credentials i used to log in here now. I can't upgrade any of these - with the error message

Chris D

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You would have to install the add-on manually.

Download the ZIP, extract it, upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation and then use "Option 3" on that page above to upload the XML file.

Any further questions, please post in the add-on resource thread.