cPanel Nginx with Xenforo


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cPanel now Support install Nginx on a server that runs cPanel & WHM and EasyApache 4. Does any one using nginx (cPanel) with Xenforo? Do you have any issue? As we know cPanel nginx support have Limitations? Also does not know that cPanel when add full support nginx without any Limitations or issue. As I know Who are using cPanel than asking to @djbaxter @Pauly @briansol @Sunka @Tom McIntyre @AndyB @rdn @DragonByte Tech @Recep Baltaş Do you using cPanel Nginx with Xenforo?

  • When you use Nginx, your ModSecurity™ rules will not apply.
  • Any restrictions set in an .htaccess file will not apply. For example, if you password-protected a directory, the protection will not work.
  • If you create an alias, make certain that your path’s location ends with a trailing slash (/). If your path does not end with a /, then your path is vulnerable to a path traversal exploit.
  • For more information, read the Nginx Security Advisories documentation.

Tom McIntyre

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We are using cPanel with standard Apache and no nginx. I have also been experimenting with XF2 using CentMinMod on a Digital Ocean Droplet. We will be going live with 2.1.9 in a few weeks on WHM/cPanel while we sort out our relationship with the cloud.


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I don't like cpanel. Just as xenforo is a passion for me. So is the Plesk panel. I also used the trial version for free for years.


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cpanel/apache for now.

i won't run the experimental stuff on my server, too risky. If/when it's official, i'll turn it on.

I've considered the centminmod stack for a long time but have yet to make the jump out of fear and ease of use for all the config stuff i've done on this box already to work with s3, external image processing, etc.


I’m not a cPanel user, I’m on plesk and as above constantly thinking of changing to centminmod but a little scared of completely doing away with interface and fully relying on command line (one day, I tell myself, one day)


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It's not even so much the interface - i'm perfectly fine from the command line.
It's the step-wise scripts behind the scenes that I wouldn't know where to even start, eg, make a DNS zone from scratch, or configure the mail server, or add a new site and do everything that 'add account' does from cpanel. That's what i'm afraid of. I realize that centminmod certainly helps bridge that gap, but I have read and gotten scared :D

Can i do it, yes, but i'm not sure i have the bandwidth to spend that amount of extra time on my server work (it's just a hobby now) to do all this work without getting divorced

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