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Adam Howard

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So how do you uninstall this?

I'm sure I can remove the profile filed and the template edits. But then we get to that database and the string we ran to install this and I wonder.....



I installed this mod and it works great. However there appears to be a bug. When accessing the forum via an RSS feed in Firefox, the flag icons display incorrectly. It shows a much larger square with many flags, similar to the pictures posted by other users in this thread. Works fine in IE, Chrome and Firefox with normal browsing.

Any suggestions?


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I like this add on but i'm having a few problems.

The first problem is that in the Personal Details dropdown selection. The flag is not showing up. All it is showing up is


But if i choose user_field_country_choice_us I can see the American Flag on my Profile.

The other problem is that the flags are too small!

I tried editing

.flag{background:url(/test/styles/default/xenforo/flags/flags.png) no-repeat;height:11px;width:16px;}

But then i can see a second flag next to it.

How can I add bigger and different flags. The orignal Flags that came with this is too small and hard to see.

------- Update--------

Ok forget my first problem. I fixed it. I had to go into Custom User Field and match the same destination as Extra.css

So Just my problem that the flags are too small and the flags are not nice looking. I would like the option to Add my Own Invented Countries.
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eagle eyes

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I ended up finding bigger flags. I just used LP-John's instructions(Thanks). I installed it and it worked. If you are interested.

Here is the Original Website i found it on:

and the Flags I used:

I have attached the code that worked for me.
Mouse hover ALT tag is not working.

How can i display the flag name, when someone hover the flag.


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Is it possible to duplicate this information to this the red arrow is pointing to? It would be nice to see where somebody is from without having to click on the information tab :). If anyone knows how to do this please feel free to leave this info here, thanks :D.


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this doesn't work on my board and i did everything as stated. I can choose country but i can't see country: and flag in my profile or messages


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Yea it's correct
Step 4:Login to your Control Panel and access phpMyAdmin. Find your XenForo database and locate the table called "xf_user_field". Execute the following SQL code:

When you wil insert data in the table you must replace SELECT to UPDATE.


Step 5: Head back to your Admin CP and head to "Users" > "User Custom Fields" and edit the "Country" field. Save it one more time to ensure the changes have taken effect.
What do I do in this Step? I don't know how to set! Could you help me?