COUNTDOWN Resource Manager


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So I hijacked the countdown. Can I get it now? :D



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@Mike anychance when it comes to the last 30 seconds before RM release we get the following as seen in countdown (channel 4 game show)?



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When I saw the countdown box, I was pleasantly surprised.

I've never seen a countdown box on a forum software company's site...


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How many times are you going to post the same post? No offense (y)

I started the thread as a friendly way to alert people to how close we are getting to RM Day.

Then Brogan or KAM or someone on that level (who didn't own up to their genius) later on began the visual countdown - see Brogan's post above - so I added its link to my daily post.
Not many people go and look at the front page of this site - we tend to go straight into the forums - so my daily post helps people remember the front page countdown is there. Or just keeps track of how much longer ... we don't get when is the RM arriving? posts now.

Three more of my posts and we're there!