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Countdown Plus - Provides a countdown timer in the sidebar.


Provides a countdown timer in the sidebar.

This add-on requires the [bd] Widget Framework.

(Example of Countdown in sidebar)

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(Example of Countdown Admin link)

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(Example of Admin page)

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(Example of Group Permissions)

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  • Easy to use Admin page.
  • All phrases start with countdownplus_ for your convenience.

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A strange issue for me. It works first time I save the widget, but upon refreshing the page, it throws JS error:

Solved it by setting Cache = 0 in WF.

Is it possible to use it as an independent block in the sidebar, without using WF?

Also one suggestion. Is it possible to sync the timer with Google clock or similar so that even if a member has wrong timezone set on his forum, it shows correct timer value?
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