XF 1.1 Costum Fields


I just bought my license and I want to know if xenforo with custom fields afterwhat I think I can go to phpmyadmin and I can draw on the information tables in this way username, custum field with the option the user selects all in the same table? is it possible?

Because im interested in download the table with de username and answer of the custum field

Run this query on your database:

Rich (BB code):
SELECT u.username, ufv.field_value
FROM xf_user_field_value AS ufv
LEFT JOIN xf_user AS u ON (u.user_id = ufv.user_id)
WHERE ufv.field_id = 'my_identifier';

You need to specify the field_id of the custom field you want to select. You will get results like this:

Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 3.26.02 PM.png

If you want to save the results then click Export at the bottom of the page in phpmyadmin after you run the query.

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Perfect thank you and if he wanted to leave out an additional example thatinstead of the value of a custom field to leave two custom fields instead of twoas I do?
My guess is that XiOn is looking to do a cross-tab query
userid, field_value1, field_value2 in one row. Sadly MySql still doesn't have a built in function to do this.
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