Not planned Cost <span>


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For commercial add-ons that have a cost, the static 1px padding looks a little odd since the characters within element can never be below the baseline (uppercase USD and numbers/punctuation only.

The padding adds an extra 2px to the bottom of it in case there are any characters that fall below the baseline.

Long story short, I propose this padding:

.resourceListItem .main .cost {
padding: 2px 2px 0px;
(It's currently 1px all around).

This changes it from this:

to this:

Obviously not a huge change/deal... just looks a little more polished in my opinion.


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Which browser are you using?
Using 2px 2px 0 results in this in Chrome and FF, using the XenVetana and default styles respectively.

chrome.png FF.png


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Strange... using Chrome 17.0.963.56. That is with the default font the style uses (Trebuchet MS). The screenshots you posted look more like Helvetica (which is the second choice for the style). Possible you don't have the Trebuchet MS font on your system?


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The first image is using the XenVetana style, the second is the default.

No issue with my system or the font.