Corrupt a wish game...

Fred Sherman

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Time for a little twisted fun. Here's how it works. The poster before you wishes for something. You corrupt that wish and then make a wish of your own. For example:

1st Poster:
I wish for a billion dollars.

2nd Poster:
Granted, but its in Zimbabwe dollars ($.08 US)
I wish for a new Camaro

3rd Poster:
Granted, but its a Matchbox car
I wish for the ability to sing like Beyonce

4th Poster:
Granted, but you suffer from agoraphobia.

You get the picture...

Let us begin..

I wish for the perfect beer recipe.


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There is a perfect beer recipe, but you don't know it and the only person who knows it speaks no English and won't share it with you. *pbbt*

I wish for a billion American dollars. :p


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Granted, but reading everyone elses mind drives you insane.

I wish for a Veyron.


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Granted, but you become annorexic.

I wish to be the worlds best poker player.


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Granted, but you're a barnacle on the bottom of the cruise liner.

I wish for everlasting happiness for my family.


Formerly CyclingTribe
Granted, but you become deaf the day after.

I wish I had a never ending wallet full of money that I could never lose!!