XF 1.4 Correct way to redirect old vb3 forum to xf folder?


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I've upgraded another vb3.8 + vbseo install to xf and set up kier's redirects - so all threads now redirect as required.

Old vb3 is installed in /forum/
New XF forum is installed in /community/

However, how do I redirect any visitors from /forum/ to /community/, please?

At the moment, anyone visiting /forum/ get s a "vbulletin closed" message.

However, if I try to use a 301 redirect in .htaccess from /forum/ to /community/, then kier's redirect no long works - whether I put it in the domain root, or the forum/ folder.

Any advice, please?


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Where did you add the rewrite rule?

Try adding it after the other rules as they are processed in order from top to bottom.


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I tried adding it after the vbseo redirects given by the geekpoint script, for /forum/, but doing that causes all of the thread redirects to result in errors.


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Have you removed all the old files from the previous software? The redirects are built partially on the assumption that you're not changing base URLs; the root of the directory would normally automatically switch by the new software "taking over" the directory. You could add an index.php in your old directory with the following:
<?php header('Location: http://example.com/new-url/', true, 301);
Change the URL as necessary. That should redirect any access to the forum root to the new URL.


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Have you removed all the old files from the previous software?
My experience with vbseo redirects so far is that I need to keep the old vb3 install - it might be something to do with the htaccess redirects, not sure. Hence why I installed into a different folder.

Either way, cheers - the php redirect seems to be working fine