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Cannot reproduce copy/paste text from Thunderbird into Editor


Well-known member
using XF version 1.3.1

It is not possible to copy a normal text from an E-mail from "Thunderbird" and paste it into "XF-Editor" at "Private Conversations".

using Firefox version 30.0

write some text.

submit message.

edit message and delete some text.

paste some text from "Thunderbird" into the Editor.

The strange thing is:
sometimes it is possible to paste the text into the Editor, sometimes not.

I am not sure how to re-produce it, but "copy/paste" via "Strg+C" and "Strg+V" is not working properly in the Editor.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I am unable to reproduce this. Please confirm with the latest version of XenForo.

If it still happens, please provide more reproduction steps and data. This may require the email in question that you are copying from.