Copy all templates from one style to another

Hi there,

Over the past months I customized my default theme and I now created a brand new one. But... all those templates I modified aren't showing up in my new theme and I know it is normal.

My question is, is there a way to copy those modified/added templates from one style to another, without copying them one by one ?



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If you just started the new style I guess you could export your current one with the extra templates, then import it under a different name. Not sure if that's what you're trying to achieve though.
Hmm it doesn't work, I'll need to recreate or modify every templates in my new styles in order to recreate the content blocks I added to the home page.

Thanks though.


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Export the style you wish to duplicate, then rename that style on your system by placing a '#' before its name, then import the xml you exported, now rename the style you just imported from your style manager, make the changes for style path and the logo path, then rename the original style back ti its own name by removing the '#'.

Hopefully in time we will have the option to import a style under a new name, for now this method works well enough.

To take care though, be sure you do not have errors in the style you are exporting or you shall only compound on those errors through duplication, this is true for importing a style under a new name of course.