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Hello XenForo community users,

Although I am a very new addition to the XF community, I've spent the last half an hour reading in detail some of the other concerns and questions that other people have. Needless to say, there's a very passionate (and articulate) crowd out there! For myself, I've been impressed with the speed and performance of XenForo, which is what brought me here to begin with. Another site uses XenForo as their forum, so I suppose it's the ultimate compliment when a user of XF is interested in becoming an owner :)

In particular, I've been reading the ongoing discussion over bridges / when XenForo will develop its own CMS and Galleries and Blogs / etc. Regardless of the debate over whether XenForo should develop these functionalities in-house or whether they should remain separate, for the time being my website currently uses four systems: SimpleMachinesForum (SMF), Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG), and WordPress (WP). They are all bridged to SimpleMachinesForum as the central repository and portal for users.

1. Will XenForo or a contributor to XenForo be able to develop a bridge for Coppermine Photo Gallery?

I've asked over at the Coppermine Photo Gallery forums already, and essentially got brushed off. They basically gave me the documentation for hooks, glossing over the very fact that by asking the question I did not have the technical expertise to do it myself. Obviously if I could make the bridge, I would do it. But clearly I can't. So is there someone out there who can (and will?)

The rationale and motivation for bridging XenForo and Coppermine Photo Gallery should be huge. Coppermine is one of the most stable, well-developed and used gallery systems out there. It has a tremendous user base. Granted, it's an "old-school" gallery system, but that doesn't mean it needs to be bridged to old-school forums!.

2. Will XenForo develop a portal, or does it offer a bridge to something that can?

I suppose this question can be answered in a variety of ways, depending on the strategy or whether XenForo's future development includes a CMS system or if XenForo's add-ons include a bridge to something that can. To be honest, I'm not picky as long as there is some front-end system that I can use to make a frontpage / portal.

Your thoughts and responses are most welcome to a potential customer.
Yeah, it would be nice to see a roadmap if what they envision, but are there any tools / add-ons that are available now that can accomplish a Coppermine Photo Gallery bridge and a portal?

Sadik B

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Is there a reason why?
Given what we have seen, and how much the developers already have on their plates, it is highly unlikely that XF developers would make a bridge. If you do want such a bridge, your best chance of obtaining one is by hiring someone who can code it for you.

For the Portal, Xenporta is excellent and there is very little (or nothing that I can think of) that one would want in a portal which cannot be achieved with XenPorta. (Also there are free and paid WP bridges in case you want to keep that).