I'm just starting out with Xenforo and I got a technical DB issue I'll be looking into tomorrow, but also a legislation issue with cookies.
Apparently in all of Europe (so we can't be the only ones), you need a cookie policy, terms & conditions, and a banner.
We did modify the terms & conditions for what is ok for us, and Xenforo has a list (an extensive! we don't do advertising) of cookies it sets or may set.
As I'm just a beginner with this:
1) How do I modify the cookie policy to cut out all crap we aren't using? (And how do I determine it for stuff like "may embed ..."?)
2) How do others do it to fulfill the legal requirements for the cookie banner and some kind of "delete all of our cookies"-button?
3) You also need to be able to provide proof of consent / preferences for your site visitors... Do you create a separate page/Database to store this?
I didn't know that forums were (from a legal perspective) so complicated. I'd rather avoid any fines, so... Please help, any pointers are welcome.
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