1. Saphira


    I'm just starting out with Xenforo and I got a technical DB issue I'll be looking into tomorrow, but also a legislation issue with cookies. Apparently in all of Europe (so we can't be the only ones), you need a cookie policy, terms & conditions, and a banner. We did modify the terms &...
  2. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Why exactly do we need a cookie notice for third party cookies?

    I'm going to be frank, I've always thought this cookie notice rush was a pile of hot water. As far as I have always understood, most breaking of user trust happens when you host third party scripts, advertisements, etc on your site which fingerprint the user and call home (to a third party such...
  3. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    XF 2.2 Is There Still a Reason to Not Use SameSite Strict or Lax for Cookies?

    I've put $config['cookie']['samesite'] = 'Strict'; into my config.php, deleted my cookies and verified their SameSite attribute are set to Strict. Then I tried accessing my forum from a link on social media. I also tried registering using a social media account and logging in. Everything...
  4. M

    Not a bug this is after logging out, some issues with cookies

    how to fix this
  5. PaulB

    Fixed Unbounded inlinemod cookie size

    The inlinemod cookies, such as xf_inlinemod_conversations, currently have an unbounded size. Cookies aren't really supposed to be > 4 KiB, but it's not too difficult for an end user to end up with a cookie far larger than that just by selecting several pages of conversations for deletion. From...
  6. S

    XF 2.1 How to get cookies in a template?

    Hi there, how can I handle cookies within a template? Let's say I want to decide what to do with a given cookie value within a template like (in PHP) if($_COOKIE["whatever"]==1){ //display template block A } else{ //display template block B } Any ideas?
  7. hibiskus

    Lack of interest Opt-In Cookies, Tracking, Receive saved Data - GDPR, DSGVO - European Law.

    1. I want to alarm the community, because i got a mail where one guy wanted to receive all his saved data, because now it is his right. And he tried that for simple reason to see if he can sue me, because he literally said in the 2nd mail that he gives me another 48 the response or he will sue...
  8. Nerbert

    Unmaintained Nerbert Template Cookies 1.0.0

    This product reads XenForo cookies into template params (session, session_admin and user excluded). This avoids the need to create new tables or modify existing ones to store user options in add-on products and makes it possible to use them when templates are rendered without having to extend...
  9. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Collapse/Expand subforums : make faster AND persistent?

    Hi, here is a request I received a few times: How can I make it so that members come back the next day and their collapse/expand settings are recognized, still active? Cheers, Andre
  10. mlx

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] User banning options (Flash cookies)

    Most people we had to ban from our forums in the past are on dynamic IP ranges. So obviously it's pretty easy for them to sign up again using a different IP and email address. And we cannot ban an entire IP range of a huge provider. I was thinking it might be a good idea trying to track them...
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