Converting Mybb to Xenforo

I did read that i was able to convert mybb to xenforo with the importer option, but what i am struggling to understand is how do i upload xenforo to be able to import it. I set up my mybb myself but im really no tech wiz at much of this so any help would be great, want to know i can do it before purchasing thank you

Tracy Perry

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All my mybb stuff is under public_html, all seperate folders, so for xen would i just create a folder say called 'forums' and add it to that. i assume my address to access it would be so how would i get it to open on just
Yes, but in the address bar you will see typically. If you were going to install it in a sub-directory, I'd call it community or something along that line.


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Or you can install XenForo in another directory, convert forum and then move it to where myBB used to be. After that in admin control panel -> options -> basic board information change board URL.
thanks for the help, seems confusing just want to make sure i am capable of doing to before buying. So ofter i have inported to xenforo i can just delete all mybb stuff in my root file?
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