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we wanting to convert our Woltlab Burning Board to a XenForo Board. We wanting to convert this with vBulletin. But our problem is, that if we convert all passwords are invalid. So I thought a while about this problem and I find the solution that we had to saving all salts and hashes from Woltlab Burning Board and I write a Listener to the LoginForm and the script check there first the XenForo password and if the password is invalid, the script check the WBB password and convert then the password to XenForo and delete the WBB-password row.

Is that an possible way? If yes, where can I find the correct coding tutorials? I have never developed with XenForo or Zend.

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XenForo does something similar with imported users from vBulletin and even other boards because authentication hashes are different.

Take a look at library/XenForo/Authentication
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Thanks a lot, but how i tell XenForo that he must use this specific authentication? And if I understand it well, then the authentication class only checks passwords and the class generates new passwords with the old algorithm. The class didn't converts the password after successfull login to the XenForo hash method, right?


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You need to add your Authentication class. Any new passwords (and I believe after login), they are created and authenticated using XenForo's Core Authentication class.


Thanks @King Kovifor :)

I have a little bit experimented and I have found out, that I had to change the field "scheme_class" in the table "xf_user_authenticate".

And yes, the password are changed to the XenForo algorithm after successfull login.

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