Converting from vBulletin 3.6.8 to XenForo


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My website is at and I am interested in converting to XenForo. I am liking what I see so far, especially after what I've seen at (I'm the original founder and DarkImmortal has done a great job on it)

Apologies if these questions have been answered but I just wish to confirm:

Is a conversion script available for free?

Is there some sort of third party cms or modification that works like vBadvanced?

Is the future of XenForo secure?

Are there any third party modification sites such as vBulletin[dot]org?



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This should help:

Also check the FAQs in my signature for answers to the most common questions.

To summarise:

The importer is included with the software.
There are also redirection scripts available.

There is a portal add-on.
I have no idea what vBadvanced is so can't comment.

The modifications are being kept in-house.
There will be no equivalent .org site as there is with vBulletin.