Lack of interest Convert URLs to Page Titles


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I like the new feature Convert URLs to Page Titles, but I miss not being able to post full URLs as a link.

The problem is I often I need to provide more than one link in a post and with the Convert URLs to Page Titles sometimes there is no way to differentiate the links when the title are the same.

For example:

Links to specific post:

First Post Email

Links to resource:

First Post Email

They both appear to go to the same place and this could be confusing.

I propose that if the URL which is being hyperlinked (using the link icon in the editor toolbar) has the same highlighted text as the URL that is entered, then the URL not be converted to the page title.

I know I can disable the Convert URLs to Page Titles on my own forum, or I could shorten the URL text, but I would like to be able to link full URLs and also I would like to be able to do so on all XenForo forums.

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