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Often users will post a thread to discuss a video or image. The XF Media Gallery is better suited for this and therefore our rules stipulate that members post media in the media gallery.

This means that we regularly encounter forum threads that need to be converted to media items.
Please add a moderator function to 'Convert thread to Media' or 'Move thread to Media'.

Not only because the function is very useful to have, but also so that addons can implement the same function through a XF helper.
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This would be very useful for threads that solely discuss a video or a image. Currently we can only close such threads and tell users they have to post in the media gallery. Which is very unfriendly.
Very useful! We have an old forum ( more than 10 years) and we would like move the olds threads in the forum "videos" to Media Gallery.
Great suggestion... I know ShowCase already has the ability to move a thread into a ShowCase item... so it apparently isn't impossible to do.
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