[Conversation] How do you determine double posting?

I have check to see if message date was shown any differences within database [xf_conversation_x], but all same. Do not know of any other place to see if this was just user posting same or some how gotten to post message twice buy entering submit twice....

Troubleshooting question.... (posted in wrong forum)

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Are you having a problem with double posts?

I just did some testing. I can double post as an admin if I mush the submit button. But regular users are subject to the flood check:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Messages -> Minimum Time Between Messages
regular user was able to or just posted(convers/inbox) twice within time frame... can not tell from database entries, as time stamp is the same. Will see if I am able to to some how do this as reg./user and all known browsers...