Continuation of "Change "Follow message moderation rules" phrase"


The following posts (and a few more) were deleted from another forum for being jokes, so I'll repost them here.

After, one member posted:

Maybe it should be "Don't follow message Non-moderated settings rule unless otherwise overridden elsewhere even though that shouldn't be not possible anywhere except not anywhere else."

Then I posted:

That sounds very reasonable. I've provided a mock up of what it would look like in the admin cp:

Then another member posted:

I think that is too long. [...]

...Hmm, I guess it's not as funny when it's out of context.
Actually, instead of that long of a phrase, a hover popup would be better for relaying that type of info.

I think a system for a tool tip description would be good for all permissions. Getting the meaning of a permission across succinctly is quite difficult sometimes...
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