XF 1.4 Contact us form > message has been sent > contact us form

This is what is happening on my forums. Is this normal? XF's Contact Us form doesn't do this.

1. Fill out Contact Us form and click "Send Message".
2. From the top: "Your message has been sent."
3. Form is still there.
4. User is confused. Resends the form, sometimes up to 10 times!

XF 1.4.5

Is this normal?
A bug?



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It's normal.

The contact form here is non standard.

Personally, I've never had any issues with the contact form on my site.
Only one message is ever sent and received.


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We have had several reports of this so we may need to look into what can be done, though it's worth noting that the default contact form is in an overlay and that overlay will (should) be closed when it's submitted.
the default contact form is in an overlay
That is probably why my use case is different. I link to the Contact Us form URL from outside the forums, so it does not always use the overlay.

In the last 24 hours:
1 person submitted 7 times.
5 twice
1 three times
2 five times
1 nine times
1 six

I would show a screenshot of my email if it were not public.

Let me know if I should submit a bug report.