Considering porting from Vbulletin


I run a very small vbulletin board, which runs beside bespoke website for a poker league. I've become extremely disillusioned by Vbulletin and started researching alternatives. Having next to zero technical knowledge I use a web design company to upkeep the site and make updates to the forum. Stupidly we upgraded Vbulletin to 4x, but were hacked last year and have never regained confidence. A change though is a pretty major investment for us as we will need to pay for the new board, add on's & installation / migration. Some questions I have;

1) How do I price it all up? I was trying to find a page with all the add ons & costs, but im a bit concerned that a lot of the things I can do currently seem to be add ons here with potential additional cost.

2) How easy is it to migrate from VB4.x and how long should I expect this to take, I will be charged by the hour.

3) Is there any form of retail / store add on?



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