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Hi everyone I have been using some other software for a while and it is showing its limitations. I am looking for someone to convert CSV or SQL into XEN Foro so I can move my forum to this platform. Im reliably informed that this is possible and there are a few on here that offer this service. Any help and advice would be appreciated.




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@MySiteGuy I have been dealing with a ticket from this member and suggested you may be able to assist with a migration from Website Toolbox or CSV to XF, with the ultimate aim of importing the XF DB into our Cloud service.

It's a liitle unorthodox but hey, whatever works.


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Thank you @Brogan


I'll be happy to assist. I've written several CSV related importers, even one for Xenforo's Media Gallery.

I have basic CSV importers which handle users, forums, threads and posts. They will probably need very little modification depending on what columns of data are available. Attachments if they aren't url based, and conversations are possibly two things I'd have to add. Overall it's doable.

However, there might be a chance I already made direct importer and we can skip using CSV files. If you don't mind me asking, what software is this coming from?

Thank you!


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Okay, thanks. I don't have one (yet) for that, but they support SQL export as well as CSV. I prefer SQL simply because it's more flexible and worst case I can convert SQL to CSV quickly.

@Ineos Forum - I'll send you a conversation message so we can discuss details.