XF 1.4 Confusion about stylesheet


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I'm working on a way to have separate style-sheets apply do different sub-forums so that each one has it's own unique feel. I've figured out a way to force style-sheets on certain forums. The confusion comes in when trying to create new styles.

What I want to do is customize the parent style (ui.x in my case) and then save the modified style as a new style. Or do I have to create a new child theme first and then customize that child theme? I'm just really confused on how to go about this. I have about 4 sub-forums that I want to style with different logo, background, etc..


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Never change parent style (UI.X in your case). Apply customizations only to new child style that you have created.

When you'll eventually want to update UI.X, you will need to import new xml file. Process of importing xml file will overwrite everything in that style, so all your customizations will be lost. However import does not affect child styles. So if you apply changes to child style your changes after update will be intact.

Create 1 child style where you'll put all your customizations that affect all 4 websites. Then create 4 childs styles of that child style with customizations specific to your 4 forums and set them as default styles for those forums.