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Confirmation Emails not being received?

This problem has sprung up and not quite clear what I changed.

I require new users on my Xenforo forum to confirm their email address. However, new users are not receiving their confirmation emails?

In "Email Options", I'm using the Default for Email Transport Method.

Other than confirmation emails, it appears users are receiving other emails. For example, I created a message thread and that kicks off emails as expected.

What might be causing this problem?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Sounds like a problem with spam filters. Tell your users to check their spam folders. Also, this thread might help:


To confirm delivery you need to examine the mail logs on your server. You might have to ask your host to get access to the mail logs. But generally email either works or it doesn't. The fact that some emails are being received tells you that it's working.