XF 1.5 Confirm mail sent is in mail queue?

Is there a way to confirm that mail sent via the AdminCP email users is in fact in the queue and being sent? Just did a mass email but not the typical response. Seems like nobody has received email yet (always get a couple bounces, replies, etc). Don't want to resend if in fact the queue is actually filled and working


Chris D

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Did you see any confirmation at all that the email is sending? In XF 1.5 the process for sending mail is a manual deferred task, which means when triggered it should start immediately and display a "Rebuild caches" screen and display its progress.

If that didn't happen at all, then it's possible it wasn't queued at all.

Another thing to check is if on the Admin CP home page there is a message that states "There are manual rebuild processes that have been stopped before completion. Click here to complete them.". If there is, this might be your queued email job and it won't continue until you click on it.

If that isn't there and there's nothing in your Server Error Log you may want to quickly check the xf_deferred table in the database.

You'd be looking for a row that has an execute_class of UserEmail.

If none of these things seem to be there, then it would suggest it was never queued at all. That would be odd, though., if you believe you definitely went through the process to send an email.
In the admin after sending I immediately just got taken to the confirm page "12,856 email were sent" at the top. I did not see a rebuild caches screen after clicking send or on the following confirmation page.

No message on the Admin CP home page. Server error log are clean as is the bounce log. I know we would have bounces on this send so that part is definitely telling.

The deferred table only has one row with execute_class "Cron"

Anyway this is helpful so I can try to debug it. We made a small add on to have a one click unsubscribe for users (logged in or not) so hoping nothing broke the process. If I send emails to small groups like Administrators or just my username it sends fine. I am guessing there is a threshold with a certain number of emails where XF queues and where it doesn't?

I also saw we can disable queueing if we want although I'd prefer to get it working. Not sure why the add on would work fine for small groups of emails but possibly break for the queuing routines

Chris D

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This system is actually separate from the normal mail queue so you can't actually disable it - it will always be sent through the deferred system.

Instantly going to the "12,856 email were sent" page is definitely not right. I assume you see the "Processing..." page when you do it with a smaller number of users. Theoretically, the number of users shouldn't matter.

I would attempt to try it with all add-ons disabled, just in case there's anything there interrupting it. Other than that, there really shouldn't be a whole lot that can go wrong here.