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it happened on my webseite that some people Sign-up, but they put a typo in their e-mail-address which they enter during the registration-process.

Is it possible to have one more e-mail-field ("Confirm e-mail") for the Registration-Form?
So that users have to enter their e-mail-address twice and give them an error-message in case they have a typo in their e-mail-address when they sign up?

Many thanks!


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I presume this is intended to be a suggestion.

I have therefore moved it to the appropriate forum.


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Hi Brogan,

yes, it is a suggestion when it is not yet possible to add one more field for the user to confirm his e-mail.

I am actually wondering why we do have 2 fields for the Password but only one field for the e-mail-address on the XF-registration-form ?

Looking at Facebook for example, they do have 2 fields for the e-mail-address and only one field for the password.

Not sure what is common, but I see this happening couple times that my users put a typo in their e-mail-address when signing up.


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I see this quite often that users are having a typo in their E-mail-address during registration.
Is there a way to add another E-mail-field, so it checks that user is typing his E-mail correctly ?


This would be very useful, definitely worth adding into the next update. I have the same issue, users make a mistake in their email and cannot message a member of staff as they are a part of the Unregistered/Uncofirmed permissions.

Anybody have a template edit to add this?

Adam Howard

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I support this idea. The system already confirms if the passwords match. We may as well have the e-mails checked as well.

lazy llama

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I'd like to say that this would be a really good idea.

I currently get quite a number of bounced emails where someone has typoed their email on the registration page. They'll even request a resend of their confirmation, which bounces in the same manner.

Sometimes I can guess the correct address but making them enter it manually twice would reduce the incidence of frustrated would-be forum members.