Fixed Config option 'enableMail' bypassed by AdminCP "Email users"?


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I was actually trying to figure out why the "Email Users" form was working properly in my development copy but not my own add-on script. I found out I left the enableMail option to false.

Could someone confirm this?

$config['enableMail'] = false;
in library/config.php

I don't know if this is an issue or purposedly designed this way.


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this, AFAIK. I cannot imagine why you would create an option to disable email if that is not what you wanted it to do :)
Well, I voluntarily disabled emails by setting enableMail to false, but somehow emails still work in the Email Users form. This is the issue I'm talking about.

Jake Bunce

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XenForo_Mail obeys that config option, but the controller for the mass mailer in the Admin CP has its own mail function that does not obey.

I will move this to bugs. It might be intentional. The devs will decide.