XF 1.5 Completion of installation from MyBB on XenForo



I have a problem and I am asking a question to you:

A few days ago I moved my old forum (MyBB software) to the new XenForo and a few days I made new settings for the new forum.

The old forum still works, so posts, new users have been there for the last few days, when I was working on new software.

Now I would like to go to the new forum now, but (here I have a question) how to move the last posts and recent users to the new forum, so that any settings I made did not disappear.

Do I have to move everything again, or is it possible to transfer only posts and users?


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If it's not a large amount of users you can manually create the accounts.

Same for posts if not too many. You can post the new content as yourself & then use @AndyB addons to change thread starter, post author & post date. Due to not noticing someone having 2 accounts with same email on our old platform & one of the accounts not coming across on import I had to do a bit of recreation myself this way. Was only a dozen or so posts.