Question about future change of installation folders and further change of Server.

I want to run Wordpress at the front end ( I know about the WP addon ) and Xenforo in a different folder ( whatever that name be ..)
Also we would be running the forum incognito for now (until we are ready to launch ), so when we go public after testing and addons and customizing, we would change to a new folder.. which will be sort of permanent. ( any pointers ? )
But we will be migrating from shared hosting to a dedicated solution in some months, so how will the whole data be transferable? ( if easy then how easy and if hard then how hard ? )
Thanks, could you explain a bit more of the first part? for the second part I will read up on the link you provided.
I am a noob when it comes to Xenforeo, although I have been reading a lot about it for quite some time and that is why I am buying it.
To change folders on the same server you just move the files and update the Board URL setting in the control panel. It's very easy.

To change servers is a little more involved because you have to copy the database. Basically it's backup + restore across servers. Here is a guide:
I was reading your server backup and restore article, it is very possible, I think I will give that a try too.
But Shell access as you said is better, coz it compresses the files in tars.. or I am missing the point..