Add-on Commercial User Album / Gallery

I'd like to see a commercial Albums / Gallery addon. I have xfr user albums installed but not hearing much from the author and not seeing updates worries me. For an addon that would get a lot of use on websites it's important to have something like this made by a team who we can depend on to keep it working with XenForo updates.


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Xenfluence team & KK were working on *Proper gallery system* but haven't heard any update lately when the beta will show up .
We've been secretly planning on kidnapping Kovifor, chaining him to a desk in a basement, and forcing him to code till v1 is out.

Brad L

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The lack of a solid gallery application is the only thing keeping me from moving a few established forums to xenforo. The software must include site gallery and member gallery functions. This is bound to be a profitable venture for a talented developer. I worry that some of the unrealized promises concerning galleries have stifled new development. I'd love to see Simple Gallery further developed or for someone capable to take on the challenge of a new gallery project.


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Yeah there seems to be a pattern of developers abandoning add-ons here, they either get bored with them or overcharge and expect windfalls of cash that never materialize.
We could develop something that is truly awesome, but cost of development isn't cheap. What is a reasonable license cost for a kickass gallery add-on in your opinion?
Hmmm, I haven't given much thought to actual cost. For a truly awesome xenforo gallery I would probably be willing to pay around $150 give or take with yearly renewal much cheaper.