RM 1.2 Command to replace external links from PHPMyAdmin


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I changed my website domain and I have some files in RM with external links, I need to replace all the external links
from: http://www.mydomain.com/x/y/z
To: http://www.mydomain.net/x/y/z

I found the external links in table (xf_resource_version) and column name (download_url)
What is the correct command to apply through PHPMyAdmin in order to do this change

Tom McIntyre

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@Brogan , can I piggyback on this post with another question?

I am trying to change some stale image references to comments saying they are lost. The idea is that the original poster might still have the content that has been lost by his image hosting service.

The query below returns over 9,000 posts with the target string.

select * from xfnawcc_xf_bak.xf_post 
WHERE `message` like '%[IMG]https://mb.nawcc.org/[/IMG]%'
The update query returns zero matches when I run it in phpMyAdmin with simulate query or when I just execute it.

UPDATE xfnawcc_xf_bak.xf_post 
SET message = REPLACE(message,'[IMG]https://mb.nawcc.org/[/IMG]','[b][u]Old lost image[/u][/b]')
where message LIKE '%[IMG]https://mb.nawcc.org/[/IMG]%'
I am beginning to wonder if something is broken in phpMyAdmin but I am not sure how to check that.

Any help or suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.

Tom McIntyre

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Actually, I was not thinking clearly. The post replacement tool should handle this just fine once I learn ho to write the proper find and replace regular expressions.