Switching from vB to XF: how will it affect external links to our site?


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I am not a technical person :), so I am wondering this:

Our vB3.8 powered website is one of the most popular forum-only sites in The Netherlands (6.8 million hits p/mnth, 100.000 unique visitors): this is quite big for a non-commercial site in such a relatively small country. Anyway, because of our popularity a lot of external sites/forums link to our discussions.

My question is: what will happen to those links if we decide to switch to XenForo in the future?

Do the current links like http://www.mysite.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=11911 posted on external sites then still point to the correct discussion on a XenForo powered platform?


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Thanks for your very quick answer, Brogan. I was thinking about those redirection scripts, but I was not sure at all, being a non-technical forum-fanatic. Now I understand what they are meant to do.