Cometchat for Xenforo


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I've been using cometchat for 2 months and its great so far
but i have small community, i don't know how this work for larger forum

Digital Doctor

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You guys need to develop a LOT BETTER DEMO, so morons like me can figure it out.
Indeed. The most important video on your entire site ... doesn't have audio ?
You should make a 1 min video with audio to highlight the best parts about cometchat.
You should make a 1 min video to show it functioning. Demos are great but they are only as good as the user. So they fail alot ! :)
I must say though, your "How to use this demo?" links at the top were effective ! Nice work.

CometChat integrates seamlessly with xenForo
Add chat to xenForo in 5 minutes. No programming knowledge required.
CometChat seamlessly integrates with xenForo. No modifications are required to get CometChat up and running.

Automatic login
Your users are logged into CometChat the instant they login to your site. No separate confusing logins.

Friends list synchronization
Auto synchronization of friends list ensure that your users always view their current friends list. If your site/software does not support friends system, then all online users can be displayed in the "Who's Online" list.

User Profiles
CometChat allows users to quickly visit profiles by clicking on the user's name while chatting.

User Avatars
CometChat automatically displays the user's avatar in the "Who's Online" list and while chatting.
Compatible with xenForo version 0.9+ and 1+
-- all these features above are fine and dandy. How about some screenshots ? Give cometchat away to a xenforo user and make them take some screengrabs for you as payment.

The Screensharing seemed to work well.

The sending files worked well (as far as I could tell).

Is it possible to not have chatrooms ... but one chat room, that is just bigger than talking to a user .... and the "CHAT window" is as show above ? Many sites are too small for multiple rooms.


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I have it on my vBulletin (soon to be XenForo) forum. My members love it. Recent poll showed it was the most popular feature. I don't have all the features, but it goes through their systems really, so it doesn't kill your website. I would love to take screenshots to share with everyone when I get it setup.

Anthony Parsons

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I have it on one of my XF installs... runs without issue. Some people go on about it loads up their server, but seriously, I have it on a VPS with dedi core, multiple forums, and it doesn't notice the software in use. I have hundreds online at once, but there is only a select few who will use it... I've had 30+ in the chat at once on it, didn't really make a difference to the VPS.

I would say though, that if Tufats flashchat was converted for xenforo... I would be using that instead.

Ryan Kent

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I've investigated this a bit. Some more details on the pricing:

$49 is the basic edition
$129 removes branding, offers a translate function for your webpage and a "save conversation" plugin
$249 offers a iphone/ipad app along with installation/integration
$499 offers audio/video chat and screen sharing.

I was interested in this product after my demo, then was quit disappointed that I was viewing the $500 setup, not the $50 setup. The layout is quite deceptive. When you go to their main site, they mention "$49 one time cost only" and then offer to show you the demo. At no point on their main page nor in the demo do they share the possibility there will be additional costs, or that the demo is showcasing higher priced option. I was actually ready to buy after the demo, and clicked "buy now" which is when I learned that the package I viewed was $500.


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  • Friends list synchronization
    Auto synchronization of friends list ensure that your users always view their current friends list. If your site/software does not support friends system, then all online users can be displayed in the "Who's Online" list.
XF does not have a friends feature. So does it work off of people we follow or does it add a friends addon??????

Ryan Kent

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If a member can chat with someone once both members followed each other, I'm going to buy it, (y)
you can chat with anyone, whether they are on your friend list or not. To the best of my knowledge, the friends part is just for organization. The "Who's Online" box is a list of every member of the forums, which of course is an incredibly large list to go through. Even if you just look at the members who are actually online at that moment, it can be a large list.

Based on the demo, what I read on their site and our site, I would much prefer to give DI my money and see Taiga Shoutbox system developed a bit more into a chat system, then to buy Comet Chat. Just my two cents.

Ryan Kent

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I just took a look at ArrowChat. Both CometChat and ArrowChat use PHP and MySQL, and both attempt to mimic a FaceBook style, so they appear very similar. ArrowChat just released version 1.0.0 in January. Their current site is a bit lacking, and they don't have a XF demo up yet. I spoke to their sales department. They expect their new site to be up in 2 weeks, and a XF demo will be made available on the new site. So, if you can wait I would suggest you check them out at the end of the month.


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I was a member of cometchat and I decided not to use it anymore on my site... the support is horrible! (After weeks on insisting with forum msg’s and tickets, I’ve never received a reasonable and satisfactory answer). They keep adding stuff even thought it’s still buggy. It slows down the server, so much hostgator asked me to remove it!... cometchat is probably ok for vps, but not for a shared host...

Most of the users on my board complained that the board suddenly has gotten to slow and cometchat msg's, most of the time, did not get through... at the end, most of them decide it to continue the chat conversation on msn..

I do not enjoy giving this kind of reviews, but I feel I have to speak out. There are better products out there without succumbing to the hype of a facebook style chat script... just do your research correctly...

I like the way IPB implemented the chat solution. I hope xenForo comes out with a similar solution. I do not mind paying a small yearly fee to have an integrated, powerful and simple chat system like IPB’s


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There is a thread on Comet Chat for XF already.

I will say I think Comet Chat is a great idea and plugin. BUT, it is a huge forum KILLER. It might work for Facebook, but it doesn't really help forums gain posts/threads. It may help gain members, but forum activity in terms of posting will fall.

Just because one thing works for FB doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

As aculate stated above, the forum WILL decrease in speed. If your on a shared hosting account they will probably suspend you for resource over usage. I think Comet Chat came out with a remote option, which allows you to host it on their own server to save your own.

But at the end of the day, a great product, but marketed to the wrong people. eg. Forum Activity Killer. Members chat more often than post.