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Hi guys

I am trying to change the color of the link in the users' signature.

I have tried the MessageElements signature but without any luck.
I have also changed the color in the "User Generated links" but no luck.

I can make a colored background in the "User Generated links" so the white text appear but nothing change when I change the text color.

I don't know where the span style="color: #ffffff" comes from and why it does not use the class="externalLink"

This is the Source:

<div class="baseHtml signature ugc"><aside><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #808080">Lars Holst Hansen </span></span><br />
<span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #808080">Fotograf @ <span style="color: #ffffff"> <a href="http://WWW.ARC-PIC.COM" target="_blank" class="externalLink" rel="nofollow"><span style="color: #ffffff">WWW.ARC-PIC.COM</span></a></span></span></span><br />
<span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #808080">Medlem af Naturfotografer i Danmark <span style="color: #ffffff"><a href="http://WWW.NFD.DK" target="_blank" class="externalLink" rel="nofollow"><span style="color: #ffffff">WWW.NFD.DK</span></a></span></span></span></aside></div>

Hope one can help and even better explain ;)


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Signature links use the same Style Property as post links, which is UGC.

Do an ACP search for ugc.


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There is no signature showing in that post, not to guests anyway.

Don't forget you can set your own colours when defining your signature, which will override the UGC class.