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So, yeah.. I have quite a few forums. I've been pretty passionate about Call of Duty, despite not spending much time with Ghosts, but I'm extremely excited for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

This Call of Duty forum has been "setup" for a good bit, but I haven't given it much attention as I've had my focus on my other forums. With a little over a month to go until the launch of Advanced Warfare, I'll be spending a LOT more time on this one. I've already started to see some users trickle in, so that's a solid start.

Few things to note:
  • Rocking the fantastic Core theme by @Russ & @Steve F (Go buy it, seriously)
  • I'll have a ranking system in place soon
  • A few more customizations are in the works, but not ready to discuss them yet.
I'm hoping to work with @Sheldon in the near future on a few of the remaining graphic ideas that I have, and I'll be implementing some additional features shortly as well. The site is pretty bare bones compared to what I normally setup, but it'll be a bit more fleshed out soon!

The Call of Duty series is incredibly popular & easy to pick up & play, so I'd love for a few of you to check it out. Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated, as I'm really looking forward to making it a great community for COD fans!
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Looking really good so far. Hopefully Sheldon can help as mentioned spice it up for you too. Ironically, I'm getting ready to also release a COD forum too, that was spiced up by Sheldon.
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