XF 2.1 Code line location for prefix filter


I changed the code of the classifieds plugin so that the prefixes displayed would be multiple rather than single prefixes. (I copied the codes of the multiprefix plugin to match the lists of the classifieds plugin).
My problem at the moment is that when I filter with the filter by a certain prefix (which exists in the list), it writes that there are no lists with this property. And I do not find the line of code on the server side that is responsible for this filtering (by prefixes). To fix the filter (which will filter out of an array and not in individual compatibility).
I would appreciate someone to direct me to the location.
Thanks in advance
I found it in the /var/www/html/src/addons/Z61/Classifieds/ControllerPlugin/Overview.php file
And in fact since it is an array then the only option I have found is to do so.

$listingFinder->where('prefix_id','LIKE', '%"'.intval($filters['prefix_id']).'"%' );

Is it right to do?
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