code for XF 3d button style ?


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When hovering over the default XF-Navigation-buttons, then a very nice style for the button appears.

I would like to have my "Forums"-button to have the same style when selected.
I would like to create the same style for my buttons (for "Selected Tab"), but somehow I can not figure out the "text shadow" and the "color of the text", although I have been checking with FireBug.

I have already achieved changing the bg-image, I would just need the CSS or shadow and color for the text.

I have used the following shadow-code and the color #2B485C, but this does not give me the same effect:

text-shadow: 0 0 0 transparent, 1px 1px 2px white;
Appreciate your help!


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seems I used the wrong color.

the color to achieve this effect is:

I guess I used the right code for the shadow?