CMS with Xenforo for comments on a different domain

Stuart Wright

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Folks, I'm investigating implementing a CMS (need advice on which one) which is mature and SEO optimised which will allow my editors to create articles and enter reviews into templated databases (one for hardware reviews, one for movie reviews, one for game reviews) and use Xenforo for the comments.

This is prompted by the fact that Google will not index news items on AVForums because the domain contains 'forum' and so we're at a permanent disadvantage against our competitors simply because of our domain name and Google's fecking stupid policy.

The articles and reviews would be on a number of different domains (AVReviews, AVPlay, AVFNews), but the comments all part of the forum @ AVForums.
The comments would need to be displayed under the articles/reviews and update in the sexy way they update in Xenforo.
I know there is a Wordpress bridge for XF but I know nothing (nada, zilch) about Wordpress or how powerful/flexible it is with regard to creating a database of, say Blu-ray reviews and allowing editors to, for example, enter the list of actors in the movie and members to search for reviews starring that actor.
(We currently have this type of functionality 'wot I wrote', but I know nothing about SEO so I would rather use a more off the shelf, mature, SEO'd to the hilt CMS system).

Is all/any of this possible?
Which CMS would you recommend?
Is cross domain integration of comments possible?

Thanks in advance.

Stuart Wright

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I suppose if XenPorta is flexible enough to work on new tables (there are about 15 tables in our movie review system), with custom searches on fields in those tables, then that would be a great solution.