CMS suggestion

Ryan Kent

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I've read a few posts and understand XenForo currently doesn't offer a CMS at this time and there is no eta on when it will be added to the forum software. I am working on building a new site from scratch and have never built a website before. I have no working knowledge of HTML/CSS other then what I have learned over the past week.

My question you have any suggestion or recommendation as to which software I use to create my homepage and other site pages? Is Microsoft FrontPage ok? My line of thinking is perhaps you have an idea as to which software is more likely to either be compatible with XenForo or any importer you may later build.

Digital Doctor

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Use a Flexile Style. Jaxel uses them and I figure for HTML newbies it might be a bit safer :) He says XenPorta will work with "almost" any style though.