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Cloudflare with XenForo

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by planetmaster, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    I've tried CloudFlare's pro plans but unfortunately my XenForo installation didn't quite get along with it.. Its SPDY, RocketLoader and TTL were creating issues. Unfortunately CloudFlare does speeds the rest of the site up.

    Has anyone managed to make XenForo work with CloudFlare? You know with a custom rule or modified Page Rules etc.
  2. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    CloudFlare = more hassle than it's worth (although great for DNS).
    Use CDN instead.
  3. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    I have used MaxCDN in the past but I love some of the CloudFlare other-than-CDN-features.
    My site (apart from community) is highly optimized so the performance difference with CloudFlare isn't much but for a messy site, it literally turbocharges performance.

    Anyways, my question still stands..
  4. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I use both MaxCDN with Cloudflare

    You're best to not use the advance features of Cloudflare. I find they are trouble some with any forum software (phpBB, XenForo, vBulletin, IPB, ect....).
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  5. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    Could you please list the advance features you are talking about?

    And CloudFlare already has a global CDN. So is there any performance advantage of using MaxCDN + Cloudflare together?
  6. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    • Polish: image optimization
    • Mirage
    • Website preloader
    • Rocket Loader
    • Auto Minify
    • SPDY
    All of which will either slow down or otherwise interfere with performance on any forum software you use.

    Cloudflare make for a "cheap man's firewall" ....

    Although that may not technically be accurate it is the best I can explain it as in simple English (though a little misleading). I would still recommend you not depend as it as such.

    I find it helpful in masking the location of my servers. No matter what you do or try, you will be told that sociallyuncensored.eu is in America. This is not true. Of course I use other routes to give off that illusion.
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  7. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    Thank you for replying. I've used CloudFlare's Pro service and was hoping if you could enlighten the issues in a little more detail.

    Polish image optimization: On basic level, it just does what Yahoo! Smush it does and it reduces each and every image file size without impacting quality. Right?
    Mirage: I simply hate this feature.
    Websight preloader: Its true it'll increase bandwidth usage but I don't see a problem with it.
    RocketLoader: The root of problems! I contacted CloudFlare's support and they promised, they'll resolve the issues its generating within a few days though.
    Auto Minify: I love this feature and don't know why someone else won't! Specially because it minifies HTML as well. Sweeeet...
    SPDY: Last time I check, it was creating issues with XenForo specially the lagging in between loading reply counter etc. but I contacted CloudFlare support and they suggest I try it again as it isn't generating any issues with XenForo and other forum softwares.

    What are your views about Incapsula? I heard it has even better security but lacks in performance.
    I don't mind its higher price tag, just want to get value for my money. :)

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